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RUIBANG, founded in 1956, is a leading enterprise in the Pharmaceutical product industry which integrates research, development, manufacture and sale of products.

At present, the company possesses four major products: tablets, granules, soft capsules and API, and owns one major manufacturing base: Wenzhou China, together with more than 300 employees. By the end of 2020, the company had obtained a total of 38 patents.

Welcome To RUIBANG

Now we are an FDA-approved and Chinese GMP-certificated pharmaceutical manufacturer. In the year of 2004, we built a new facility in Jiangsu province,which mainly produce gluconate series with food grade. Since the year of 2006, we built an operation in the USA to expand our global presence.

Ruibang is specialized in fermentation and chemical synthesis. We possess over 1500 cubic meters of fermentation capacity. We offer APIs and formulated doses to all over the world. Ruibang focuses on product quality, innovation and marketing strategy. We will strive to bring to customers the highest quality products but at affordable prices.

RUIBANG provides contract pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing services GMP.

The company regards quality management as the focus of its work, and has always implemented the quality policy of "quality is the source of corporate benefit and efficiency". The company has an independent quality management department. The quality management department has quality assurance QA and quality inspection QC (central laboratory).

Quality Assurance QA is responsible for the quality supervision of the whole process from purchasing raw and auxiliary materials, entering the factory to leaving the factory. Quality inspection QC is responsible for the quality inspection from the raw materials entering the factory to the product leaving the factory. QC is equipped with advanced inspection equipment suitable for the scale of production.

The operation of a perfect and effective quality assurance system guarantees the quality of the products produced by the company.

Quality is the source of benefit

The company pays attention to technological progress, continuously develops new products, attaches importance to product quality, and establishes brand awareness. While focusing on the development of production, we strive for survival by quality, outlet by cost, power by technology, and development by variety. The entire process of drug development, production, marketing, and service is under strict control. Strict scientific management ensures the quality of drug production and participates in market competition with product quality.

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